Color Uniformity Compensation System for LCD projector

The picture image of LCD projector on the screen is captured by CCD camera.
The suitable compensation data is made by analyzing this color uniformity condition.

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Model name is different by the compensation controller of color uniformity.
Please ask us about the actual model name.


This system is for the accurate color uniformity compensation of LCD projector.
Recently, since the picture quality of LCD projector has been improved significantly, the technology of color uniformity compensation is indispensable now.
Especially, the color uniformity condition in dark brightness area is an important evaluation point of picture quality. Since this system has enough compensation ability, such a market demand will be fully satisfied, we believe.
This system has been designed for mass-production.
Color uniformity compensation is executed from start to end automatically by only clicking start button on user interface.


・ Color uniformity compensation for LCD projector

System Structure

※Please run the adjustment in a dark room.

LCD panel makers are selling the special their controller which has color uniformity compensation function with LCD panel. Normally, since digital SG function is in these controller, our system uses
this function as the compensation signal. Therefore, it is not necessary to prepare any signal generator at the customer side.

System Future

Adjustment Time About 3 minutes It depends on the settings of compensation.
(Please ask us about the details.)
Accuracy We can’t guarantee any value because accuracy depends on the condition of projector. (Please ask us about it.)
Minimum Brightness 4cd/m2 It’s possible to revise the dark contrast around the input level 10%.
Specifications PC OS:Windows 7
CCD camera Resolution: 1920(H)*1080(V)
Zoom:f=12.5-75mm(6times zoom)

Other Features

  1. As mentioned in the specifications, since zoom lens is being adopted in this system, the position of CCD camera can be set freely in a zoom range.
  2. It is necessary to know the relation between setting data and brightness changing based on the actual measurement. We call this relation “ compensation coefficient”.
    This system has the function which can get “compensation coefficient” automatically.
  3. We have not only mass-production type but also field service which is more portable.
    (notebook PC type)
  4. About data communication, we would like to confirm the details in our meeting.
  5. This system has a unique function for evaluating the condition of color uniformity as an option.
    Since this function can express the whole condition of color uniformity as one value, operator (engineer, too) can make sense of color uniformity condition quite easily and data management is easy, too.

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Color Uniformity Compensation System for LCD projector CV-C500
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