CremoVision has been studying the technologies about the improvement of picture quality of display consistently from our establishment. We will be able to cooperate to your business in the following technical fields(items) as a contract development.

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Accurate color adjustment (for FPD)

CremoVision has a own special color sensor and adjustment software.
The sensor measures the color condition of display accurately, and then our adjustment software generates the suitable data so that the adjusted display has your target color space.
When the adjustment target is the standard color space (for example s-RGB or Adobe RGB and so on), the evaluation value(Delta E*) can be kept as a quite small numeric value.
Since the correction data has to be sent into the display, it is necessary to disclose your data communication specification.
Meanwhile we also have been studying the technologies which can adjust so that the color of different type of displays becomes the same.
It has been understood as the difficult technology.
We will be able to cooperate to you in this technical field, too.

Over Drive adjustment (for 2D FPD display/LCD projector)

CremoVision also has a own optical detector to measure optical response. It can mesure an optical response curve of the display ( including the rapid change of the curve) accurately.
And then the special adjustmet software generates the suitable OD data for each signal level which is made based on the measured data. And then the generated data is sent into OD LUT of the display.

3D cross talk adjustment (for 3D FPD display/LCD projector)

The cross talk condition can be measured accurately by the special optical detector whose structure is suitable for 3D cross talk measurement. (It is CremoVision’s own detector.)
And then the suitable correction data for keeping cross talk condition which is fit to Open/Close characteristic of 3D glass is generated. And then it is sent into 3D OD LUT of the display. High quality 3D image which doesn’t have any double image can be achieved.

Automatic convergence inspection

We have an experience to have developed the method of automatic convergence inspection. It was that the picture images of R,G and B were captured by camera and then the error amount of R/B and B/G were transformed to numeric value by our original method. (unigue method)

Judgement of color uniformity by numeric value

Almost all judgements of color uniformity have been done by human eyes so far. But the judgement of numeric value of color uniformity can be done by using our technology. The conventional method of numerical judgement has some problems. One of them is that the judgement can be done only at some points( ex. 13 points). The whole performance of color uniformity can’t be evaluated by this method.
In our method, because the judgement of color uniformity is expressed only by one numeric value, it is easy to understand as a whole image of color uniformity by feeling. This method was embraced by huge Japanese projector maker. And we have heard that the inspection time and the inspection accuracy of color unifoumity were really improved.
There may be some other themes that we can cooperate to your business about the improvement of picture gualities of display, we think.

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